How Far Is It?

July 19, 2010

I love Google Maps.  I use it all the time.  The Google iPhone app in particular is super convenient.  It has voice search, which makes me feel like George Jetson.

“sushi Longmont Colorado”, I say to my phone (but not to a person).

Next thing you know, magically my options appear, I can press a number to call a result, read reviews, view on a map, etc…

So, first thing I’m thinking about this morning is getting the 5 of us from Point A (Longmont, Colorado) to Point B (Maui, Hawaii) via Los Angeles, California.

I tried my trusty Google Maps – the basic web site, via browser – entered my starting point, and end point (in this case OGG the airport code of our final destination).  Google recognized that, according to the map, but it couldn’t (or more likely didn’t) calculate time or distance:

The issue here, I think is, that directions are by Car, Rail, Feet, and Bicycle.  Okay, makes sense…

So a Google search found a quick alternative.

The Google Maps Distance Calculator which was easy to use and yielded a result as follows:

Now, that’s a direct line – “as the crow flies”, which I’ve no idea how far off it is, aside from the fact that our line will go Longmont to Los Angeles and then to Hawaii.  Still, this gives us the rough idea I was looking for.  Total distance to cover today:

  • 3294.780 Miles
  • 2863.087 Nautical Miles
  • 17,396,440.315 Feet
  • 5302.435 Kilometers
  • 5,302,435 Meters

Glad we’re not walking!

So, big travel day today, on the ground in HI late tonight.  Away we go!

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